The immense variety tends to overwhelm homeowner’s attempts as they choose tile for their renovation or new construction. Fortunately, EzFloorz is here to provide a simple breakdown of the most common choices, along with explaining the benefits and downsides of common types of tile. First, let’s examine the major differences that exist between tile options. The obvious characteristic setting apart your favorite pick is generally color, but hidden beneath is a more important difference that must be considered: composition. Now we’ll outline a few dominate tile materials so you can narrow down your choices.

Porcelain tiles are handy for flooring, walls, and shower applications. Since porcelain is a specialized type of ceramic, it benefits from a low water-absorption rate – this makes it ideal for wet conditions like bathroom floors or shower walls. You may also consider using porcelain tiles for flooring within a room, or entire floor of your home. Now imagine: you’re hosting a beautiful dinner party… when suddenly someone blunders, and time slows as you watch a heavy serving dish clash against the hard surface of your new floor. Luckily, porcelain is crafted in a way that brings the color through the entire body of the tile, so chips and cracks are virtually invisible. There is a misconception that porcelain must be neutral or boring, but luckily technology is here to remedy that. High definition textures can reliably be applied to porcelain tiles, so you can select a convincing wood, marble or travertine look, that still harnesses the benefits of porcelain.

Another dominating option within tile selection is natural stone. Natural stone offers unique combinations not available from synthetic tiles. Each stone is formed within the earth, so homeowners can take delight in the fact that their counter is truly one of a kind. The unique beauty of natural options is accompanied by more maintenance obligations than man-made tiles. Biannual sealing and daily spill remedies will keep your gorgeous stone looking fresh and structurally sound.

We hope this information aids you in finding your ideal material for that next project. At EzFloorz we are always available for consultations, and we’d be happy to address any questions or concerns you have while you shop a new tile surface for your home.