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The best flooring for your home could be carpet

It’s possible that the floor covering you’ve been waiting on all this time is actually carpet, an age-old favorite of many homeowners. Those who have already taken advantage of its amazing features already know what it can do for a home. For instance, with a vast array of solid colors and patterns, finding the perfect appearance won’t be hard to do. That means you’ll easily be able to match your decor. They also know it has plenty of benefits to make it more than worthwhile to research the details and decide if it’s the perfect fit for your home. If it is, we’re sure you’re in for quite a treat.

EZ Floorz is proud to offer an extensive selection of flooringmaterials and services, along with professional design consultation for partial or whole projects. No matter what you’re looking for in a floor covering, you’ll find it here, affordably priced, and offered by experienced associates who can answer any questions you might have. We proudly serve the areas of Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Johnson County, and Lynn County, all from our showroom in North Liberty, IA. We invite you to visit us there so that we can help bring your floors to life as well.

Carpet makes your home cozy and full of character

There’s no doubt that the underfoot softness found in carpet is a wonderful experience for any homeowner. It adds a warm, inviting environment for every space into which it is installed and works great in welcoming areas such as foyers, entryways, and living rooms. For more private spaces, like bedrooms and dens, you’ll enjoy the plushness and beauty all for yourself, along with all the other great benefits available.

One of those benefits includes an excellent ability to retain heat. You’ll notice your energy bills start to shrink after installing this flooring, since it acts as an extra layer of insulation, along with its underpadding. Noise retention can be an important benefit for homeowners as well, especially those with pets and children. The material works great between floors too. But we can’t forget the amazing noise reduction that comes standard with carpet. Busy households can appreciate this the most, while the flooring soaks up sound throughout the home that might normally bounce off walls and create more sound.

We do advise a professional installation for your new carpet, however. You can speak with one of our flooring specialists for more details.
Luxury carpet in Cedar Rapids, IA from EZ Floorz
Carpet remains one of the most comfortable and stylish flooring options today for your home. It’s soft, comfortable, and affordable. Easy maintenance and quiet in busy homes. Carpet filters the air in your home. The debris is removed with regular vacuuming. Quality carpets release dirt and debris whereas poor quality carpets harbor the dust, dirt, and other debris

If you have a home with children or pets, carpet can help tame your environment. Its sound-deadening properties allow you to enjoy a more quiet space. It’s soft underfoot allowing you to play, lay, and walk comfortably on it. Pets prefer carpet over hard surface floors and it’s better for their health as well.

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