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When waterproof flooring is the perfect choice

If you’ve ever considered waterproof flooring for you home, it’s likely you’ve also considered whether or not it was worth it. It’s true that it costs a little more up front, but when weighing the benefits of this amazing product line, you just might find it to be well worth the effort, especially considering the lifespan of some of the materials you can choose from. In addition to flooring that is durable, easy to maintain, and gorgeous in appearance, we can’t forget that they are also impervious to water. It’s really the peace of mind that seals the deal for many homeowners, and once you learn more about these products, you just might be one of them.

EZ Floorz offers a great line of floor coverings that match trends, preferences, and requirements alike, so you’re sure to find the perfect product here. More than that, we also offer a wealth of expertise and knowledge, as we have an extensive history in the flooring industry. We value our customers and intend to provide you with the best value for your budget and look forward to your visiting our North Liberty, IA showroom. From there, we’re happy to serve the communities of Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Johnson County, and Lynn County, and we’d love to serve you too.

Waterproof flooring can be used throughout your home

When most homeowners consider waterproof flooring or WPC (wood plastic composite) flooring, they are thinking primarily of spaces such as bathrooms, basements, or kitchens. Of course, those spaces are the perfect placement for these materials as they truly utilize the strong points of these floor coverings. With these floors in place, you have no worries that you will take on water damage, no matter what comes along, in most cases.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of materials when choosing a waterproof floor covering. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles, porcelain tile, and several varieties of stone are just a few materials that offer this amazing feature and come with unique characteristics of their own. So you not only get the benefit of protection against water, spills, and dampness but the added extras from whatever material you choose.

Waterproof flooring is certainly not limited, however, to only spaces in which water situations are common. In fact, installing these floors throughout your home can be a great way to get that same protection for those “just in case” moments as well. This is an excellent idea if you have pets or children, as accidents are prone to happen in areas you might least expect it.
Waterproof flooring in Cedar Rapids, IA from EZ Floorz
WPC is one of the newest flooring options to choose from. This product combines the easy installation and substrate preparation used with a laminate flooring with the humidity resistant benefits of luxury vinyl flooring. WPC comes in waterproof options for areas that experience wet foot traffic and homes with pets.

Some products also feature an attached cushion that allows for sound deadening and a slightly more comfortable walk. Many WPC products come in beautiful wood visuals. These products are lower maintenance than a wood floor and don’t move with humidity changes in the air. Often designed with long and wide planks WPC has kept up very well with the most recent design trends. The better WPC products that we carry have registered embossing where the texture of the wear-layer matches the graining in the graphic layer underneath. This provides a very realistic visual.

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